At-a-Glance Payroll Information.

Minimum wage, CPP and EI premium rates are key for employers to know. This information sheet gives you 2014 rates you need to prepare your budget.

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Minimum Wage Rates

The minimum wage rates in Ontario are changing as of June 1, 2014!

Please consult the following chart for the changes:

Minimum Wage Rate

Current wage rates

Effective June 1, 2014
(As announced)

General Minimum Wage $10.25
per hour
per hour
Student Minimum Wage $9.60
per hour
per hour
Liquor Servers Minimum Wage $8.90
per hour
per hour

Source: Ministry of Labour


CPP contribution rate, maximums

Year Max. Annual Pensionable Earnings Employee Contribution Rate (%) Max. Annual Employee Contribution (to be matched by employer) Max. Annual Self-Employed Contribution
2014 $ 52,500 4.95 $ 2,425.50 $ 4,851.00

Source: Canada Revenue Agency

Federal EI premium rates and maximums

Year Max. Annual Insurable Earnings Rate (%) Max. Annual Employee Premium Max. Annual Employer Premium (1.4x the employee premium)
2014 $ 48,600 1.88 $ 913.68 $ 1,279.15

Source: Canada Revenue Agency

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